Making decisions throughout the home buying or selling process is difficult. Many of those choices can be based on factual information, such as the number of bedrooms you desire or the prices that comparable homes have fetched. But frequently, people choose an agent without giving it much thought at all. That might be a costly error. A successful agent is not a guarantee that they will be the best agent for you. With so much at stake in this transaction, it’s important to find someone who not only shares your objectives and is able to assist you in achieving them, but also with whom you get along well.

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Do you know anyone?

Inquiring about recommendations from family and friends is a good place to start when choosing an agent. But don’t just ask them for their names. Learn what they liked about their agent, if they had any issues working with that person, how frequently they communicated with their agent, and what kinds of results the agent assisted them in achieving. When someone says, “My agent was great,” it is helpful, but try to understand what exactly they mean.

On the other hand, feel free to request references from any agent you’re thinking about hiring. Call those people and ask about their experiences; don’t just get a list.

Through a program called the Client Experience Rating, many agents on receive five-star ratings from their clients. There, you can read about an agent’s strengths and weaknesses. Their websites prominently feature it.


Some real estate buyers think that selecting a Realtor should be based on the commission rate they charge. A lower commission doesn’t necessarily mean you will make more money, though. A good agent can sell your home for top dollar and occasionally for tens of thousands more, more than making up for a lower fee.

One and done?

Most people hire the first agent they contact, according to National Association of Realtors research, which is consistent. The first person you get in touch with might very well be your best option. To find out how they differ from one another and to determine which agent will work best for you, you might want to interview a few candidates.

What is the background or area of expertise of the agent?

You should ask an agent during the interview if they have the skills necessary to carry out your requests. For instance, you might decide that working with a condo expert will increase your chances of finding the condo of your dreams, or you might only want to list your house with an agent who regularly conducts business in the area where it is located. You can learn if the agent has specialized training or certifications, such as those in working with seniors, buyers, or commercial property.

What will you actually do for me?

Know how an agent will assist you in finding a home to buy or in marketing and selling your current residence.

It is best if you can learn more details. Agents and businesses provide a range of levels and services. Some agents will even provide various services and costs based on what you need.

How are we going to communicate?

Any relationship needs to have open communication. Things won’t likely go as planned if you anticipate receiving text or email communication from your agent every morning but only do so on Fridays. Make sure you and your partner are in agreement so that everyone wins.

Verify that your agent is a Realtor.

Maybe the first thing you should ask any agent is, “Are you a Realtor?” You’d be mistaken if you believed there was no distinction between an agent and a Realtor. A person with a Texas real estate salesperson’s license is referred to as a real estate agent. Only by joining a recognized regional association of realtors, such as the Houston Association of Realtors, does that agent acquire the title of “real estate agent.” Realtors go beyond what is expected of them as agents. A strict code of ethics that Realtors follow guarantees that you will receive the highest levels of professionalism and integrity throughout the buying or selling of a home.